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Integral Healing Psychotherapy

Integral healing psychotherapy in Toronto is an integration of three important elements of psychotherapy: client centred psychotherapy, bioenergetic psychotherapy and energy healing psychotherapy.

Client Centred Psychotherapy

Client centred psychotherapy is the basis of all therapy. The therapist hears and sees, spends time with the client and learns about their life journey. It is the pursuit of understanding the client fully, which leads the client into deeper work.

Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

Bioenergetic psychotherapy brings the body into the therapeutic process. It is based on the premise that each of us needed a number of things as infants and children, many of which we did not receive. To cope with these pains, we developed defense mechanisms that became habituated into a character structure. That is, the cells in the body carry the pain and unexpressed emotions, which are frozen into a defensive structure as protection. Our beliefs and the ways in which we see the world are therefore distorted through this lens that becomes our neurosis. Bioenergetic psychotherapy works with the physical body, employing breath and physical stress to get at the unconscious material. Exercises are performed to increase self-expression and help the client sense how they inhibit or block the flow of excitation in their own body, how breathing is limited, and how movements are restricted and the capacity for pleasure is decreased. Grounding, centering and regression are essential elements of this Toronto psychotherapy process.

Energy Healing Psychotherapy

Energy healing brings Eastern psychology into the Western practice. It recognizes that there are “imprints” at the very root of every aspect in a person’s life that condition their way of living and how they are influenced by their environment. This premise encourages us to use the energy available from the “energy body” which surrounds the physical body and permeates its tissues and organs as a means of erasing undesirable imprints and promoting the creation of new, more fulfilling ones. The chakra system of the human body is an integral part of this healing process. Integral healing allows the bringing together of body, soul and spirit to a wholeness through a nurturing healing milieu.

Professional Affiliations

Integral Healing Centre of Toronto has been certified by the minister of human resource and skills development of the government of Canada.

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On November 12, Dr. Andrew Toplack will present "Are Boy and Girls Really Different?" in an interactive talk and discussion at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto.

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