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On November 12, Dr. Andrew Toplack will present "Are Boy and Girls Really Different?" in an interactive talk and discussion at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto.

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Integral Healing Centre of Toronto is pleased to announce:

Dreams: Gateway to another World

Presented by:

Dr. Elinor Dickson, Ph.D.

Dr. Dickson is a psychologist, Jungian analyst, lecturer, workshop leader and retired Director of Psychological Services, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.

She has worked extensively with Marion Woodman with whom she co-authored “Dancing in the Flames”.

Workshop Details for Dream: Gateway to another World

Session One: The Mysterious World of Dreams

  • Science and religion often seem apart yet they are both rooted in dreams.
  • Although we have forgotten their language, dreams underlie human history.

Session Two: Leaving the Dreamtime

  • Part One: The physiology of dreams – from the fetus to the adult
  • Part Two: Dreams and healing – from Greek temples to modern medicine

Session Three: A Dangerous Method

Carl Jung and dream interpretation

Session Four: A Guide to Wholeness

The process of individuation – two case studies

Session Five: Invitation to Dream

Personal dream interpretation

These sessions are rooted in the psyche as a living mirror of the universe and therefore further human transformation depends on making the unconscious conscious.

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