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Topical Psychotherapy Essays

The following essays are submissions by fourth year bioenergetics students and are presented in their original form in PDF* format. These are large files and will take some time to download.

Integral Healing: My First Year

By Joanna Furtado

Chronic Shame

By Audrey Jolly

Integral Healing Centre Training - The Oral

By Audrey Jolly

Therapy Training - The Infant

By Audrey Jolly

My New Role as an Assistant Trainer

By Audrey Jolly

Now I Become Myself

By May Sarton

Collapse in Bioenergetic Psychotherapy – 6.5MB

The Concept of Collapse in Psychotherapy and Bioenergetics – by Cheryle Went

The Schizoid Personality – 10MB

An Ego that has Not Yet Properly Begun to Be – by Luanne Jakobi

Shame – 6.5MB

By Wendy Fredricks

Depression: A Client Based Approach – Part 1 – 4MB

Depression: A Client Based Approach – Part 2 – 4.5MB

A Selection of Techniques that Address the Complex Face of Depression – by Sharon Feldman and Julia Balaisis

Working with Severe Trauma – Part 1 – 7.5MB

Working with Severe Trauma – Part 2 – 8MB

Using Safe and Effective Body-Oriented Approaches During the Initial Phase – by Pamela Larrondo

Creativity & the Body’s Role in Psychotherapy

By Audrey Jolly as published in Vitality Magazine October, 2011

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