Our Course Instructors

All of our instructors are Registered Psychotherapists by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

John Went


BSc, St. Lawrence University, 1968

MA, St. Lawrence University, 1970


Private practice in psychotherapy since 1976

Psychotherapeutic orientations include: bioenergetics, developmental, Jungian dream work, relational and integral healing

A partner at the Bioenergetic Psychotherapy Institute of Toronto/Whychwood Park Psychotherapy Institute, 1980-1991

A school psychologist with the Board of Education, city of York, 1970-1983

The founder and director of the York Skill School Program, 1973-1993

A teacher and supervisor at the Bioenergetic Psychotherapy Institute of Toronto, 1977-1989

Director and founder of Integral Healing Centre of Toronto’s psychotherapy training programs 1996-present


Bioenergetic Psychotherapy Institute of Toronto, 1977 (therapist)

Bioenergetic Psychotherapy Institute of Toronto, 1980 (trainer, supervisor and teacher)

Openway Institute in Integral Healing of Charlottesville, Virginia, 1990 (healer)


Fellow, American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1976-present

Clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists since 1986, board member 1992-1996

President DIVMA, Ontario Psychological Association, 1974-1976

Member of the Spirituality in Health-Care Network

Wendy Fredricks, B.A., B.Ed.

Wendy Fredricks has had a psychotherapy practice in the Spadina Therapy Centre at Bloor and Spadina since 2000. Her training at Integral Healing Centre of Toronto informs her creative approach to psychotherapy, recognizing the importance of the mind and body connection. Wendy gently encourages clients to unlock psychic blocks and face issues of fear, anxiety, shame, depression and anger through dream work, guided meditation, artwork, visualization and bodywork.

She also works with couples grappling with the various challenges that being in a deep relationship with another can bring. She helps to deepen the relationship and strengthen the bond through better communication and a higher consciousness to the dynamic between the partners.

Wendy is currently working under the guidance of John Went with the trainees in the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto program, teaching psychotherapy, bioenergetics and energy healing. She is developing a series of workshops (Threshold Workshops) for women at various life-stages. The first was introduced in August 2009. These workshops will include guided mediation, bodywork, journaling, art and dream work.

In addition to the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto program, Wendy has taken a number of related courses and intensive workshops including work with Marion Woodman, Elinor Dickson (dream work), Steven Johnson (character structures), John Gottman and Sue Johnston (couples workshops), Dick Swartz (internal family systems), and Christina Becker (Jungian theory and alchemy).

Wendy is committed to creating a safe and sacred environment in which to explore undiscovered parts of the self. She can be reached at 416-822-1440 or by email at wendyfredericks@aol.com.

Cheryle Went


Hons. BA, Psychology and Philosophy Waterloo Lutheran University, 1970

B. Ed., Ontario Teacher Education College, 1976

Spec. Ed. Specialist, York University, 1980

Cheryle has maintained a private practice, working with both adults, and more recently, children of all ages, since 1989. Her formal training in healing/psychotherapy began with Graciela Damewood’s Integral Healing Program (1989-1991) and continued at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto. Cheryle co-developed and co-taught the Module III of the program from 1998-2002 while simultaneously completing Modules I (Basic Psychotherapy) and II (Bioenergetic Psychotherapy). She continues to teach selected elements of Module III to this day.

Cheryle’s training in Integral Healing has proven to be an invaluable tool that has formed the basis for her work with children, youth and adults, both in private practice and as an itinerant behaviour resource teacher with the Toronto District School Board for the past 24 years. The basic principle taught in the client centred approach of “being with” a person regardless of age, gender or diagnosis has allowed her to successfully work to help others become their best selves and to heal themselves.

In her role as a trainer with Behaviour Management Systems (2006-present), Cheryle has found ways to utilize her background in training staff within the TDSB in ways to manage potentially aggressive students, with an emphasis on understanding how their own personalities contribute to the issues and situations. She has also presented a variety of workshops to parents, staff and students on dealing with conflict, bullying and parenting strategies in the early years.

Cheryle’s work as a Roots of Empathy instructor in the TDSB (2008-2011) allowed her to communicate to children and adults the importance of issues such as bonding for infants and parents. It also promoted insight into the critical neurobiological and social-emotional growth that takes place in the first year of life.

As Cheryle works with adults and children, she has continued the development of her skills and knowledge with further training including Ross Greene (Level I Advanced Training: the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach, 2009), Paris Goodyear Brown (Working with the Wild Child, 2010), David Grand (Brainspotting Phase I and Phase II, 2011) and has most recently completed Levels I (2012) and II (2013) of the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy Certificate Course. She is currently enrolled in the final Level III (August 2014).

Audrey Jolly, MA, RP, OSP

Audrey has been in private practice as an Integral healer since her graduation from the IHC Training Program in 2000. She is a body-centered psychotherapist with an additional skill base in the arts.

She graduated from York University with a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, in Dance and Psychology. She studied Dance Therapy at York and taught in the Dance and Physical Education Departments.

Her training with John Went included client-centered psychotherapy, bioenergetics and energy work. Her final paper at IHC was in healing trauma from the level of felt sense (what you are feeling in the body versus the intellect).

This included an in-depth study of the work of Pat Ogden, Peter Levine and others in the field of sensorimotor healing. She is also a couples therapist, having training with ICEEEFT, Emotionally Focused couples therapy with Sue Johnson.

Audrey has written articles on Creativity and The Body’s Role in Psychotherapy and Healing and is currently working on a book.

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